Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long Hiatus from Blogging...

I have been absent for blogging for a couple months now as I have put most of my time and energy into working on my husband and I's online store, Denim Hunter. We have been working on expansion and have added the following:

-over 100 pairs of premium pre-loved jeans posted on a regular basis (we should hopefully be doubling this very soon!)

-my pet project, Denim Hunter Vintage. This is where we post amazing vintage items that we have come across during our search for gorgeous denim. These items include: Motorcycle Jackets, Cowichan Sweaters, Doc Martens of various styles, Jil Sander Oxfords plus many more that will be added soon!

Coming soon:

-new logo (being drawn by our talented friend and local Vancouver tattooist/artist Mitch Kirilo).

-changes to the site's appearance (i.e. amping up the awesome!!)

-more and more product being added weekly (sometimes daily)

So check us out, see what has been taking me away from blogging (which I am trying to get back to now) and maybe find an awesome pair of jeans or vintage item.

My typical office mate. She is a bit of a slave driver ;)

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