Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween...Fright Nights

A couple weeks ago, Will and I decided to try out the PNE's Fright Nights at Playland. We didn't go to the PNE or Playland this summer so it seemed like a good time to catch up on the fun. Will had also never been to Playland before so that made the visit all the more necessary.

 The large vampire bat that greets you at the entry to the park.
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We arrived pretty early (just after 6pm, they don't close until 1am!), which was great because we were able to take in the park while it was still light out for a bit. Also, there were fewer people there. We went on most of the rides with the exception of those that you pay extra for and the was too scary! My favorite was probably the Coaster, a old wooden roller coaster. I think part of the fun of this one was that it was the first coaster that Will had ever been on! It was great having that first experience with him.

Unfortunately it is a bit grainy but this was taken while Will and I rode the Coaster. I love Will's look of genuine joy and terror all at once!

Will's favorite ride, Baywatch.

We also checked out two of the six haunted houses. That was all we could handle...we are total chickens. We also watched a bit of the of the Kinshira Fire Performers (not really our thing) and the Monster's of Schlock, which was rather amusing. Between eating mini doughnuts, going on rides and taking in all the sites, we had a fantastic time. I highly recommend going, but watch out for the creepy performers that wander the park preying on innocent park-goers (all in good fun!).

We were also able to score a great deal that got us park admission, unlimited riding (with the exception of the 3 rides that were extra charge) and haunted house visits, and a hot dog and drink all for $20 each. Regular admission ranges from $25-33. I suggest purchasing tickets online as it is a bit cheaper.

 The Master of Ceremonies, Singe the Clowne in front of the Asylum haunted house.
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