Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Halloween Mood...the dining room

I must admit that I do love Halloween. The opportunity to carve pumpkins, decorate, dress up and get spooky is my idea of fun. This year I am not going to be up to much as I am on anti-biotics and potentially contagious...arg. So, I figured I would at least share some awesome Halloween ideas with you. The first being Halloween decor at home...or where ever you are celebrating.

I discovered this amazing dining room set-up on Apartment Therapy. It is from The Happy Heathen blogger, Evita. She has created an wonderfully spooky and gothic dining room meant for supping with a mad scientist. I must say that I would love to dine with her and her mad scientist on Halloween!

I recommend perusing The Happy Heathen for other interesting tips and ideas!

All photos from The Happy Heathen.

I think I need to go watch some Tim Burton movies now...

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Chantelle said...

I am in love with that room <3 xx