Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look I Love: Plaid Pea Coat

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a gorgeous red plaid pea coat which I seriously coveted. I have yet to see one in a store and thus forgot about it. That is until I spotted this gorgeous one on (appropriately) The Coveted. Do you know who makes it?

As seen on The Coveted.

Home I Love

Apartment Therapy featured this LA loft-style home recently. I will start off by saying that I am not in love with all aspects of this home, not that they are bad, but just not thrilling. However, there are many elements that I do adore. Check them out:

 I love the picture, photo wall display and the little lemon tree. Although I would need my picture to read "I love you, blogs and tea" or "I love you, blogs and coke zero".

I am always a sucker for colour blocked book shelves.

The abstract painting, contemporary living room chairs, bar and more traditional dining area are fabulous. I also love the area rug.

This is my dream bar.

The more natural wood on the island beautifully compliments the contemporary cabinets. I also really like the use of the bakers rack with assorted jars.

The Menu chalkboard is a great idea.

This is a very creative method of clothing storage and bedroom decoration. 

The large balcony is a beautiful urban oasis. 

 I would love to see this deck lit up at night.

All photos from Apartment Therapy.

See more and the house tour at Apartment Therapy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween...Fright Nights

A couple weeks ago, Will and I decided to try out the PNE's Fright Nights at Playland. We didn't go to the PNE or Playland this summer so it seemed like a good time to catch up on the fun. Will had also never been to Playland before so that made the visit all the more necessary.

 The large vampire bat that greets you at the entry to the park.
As seen on

We arrived pretty early (just after 6pm, they don't close until 1am!), which was great because we were able to take in the park while it was still light out for a bit. Also, there were fewer people there. We went on most of the rides with the exception of those that you pay extra for and the was too scary! My favorite was probably the Coaster, a old wooden roller coaster. I think part of the fun of this one was that it was the first coaster that Will had ever been on! It was great having that first experience with him.

Unfortunately it is a bit grainy but this was taken while Will and I rode the Coaster. I love Will's look of genuine joy and terror all at once!

Will's favorite ride, Baywatch.

We also checked out two of the six haunted houses. That was all we could handle...we are total chickens. We also watched a bit of the of the Kinshira Fire Performers (not really our thing) and the Monster's of Schlock, which was rather amusing. Between eating mini doughnuts, going on rides and taking in all the sites, we had a fantastic time. I highly recommend going, but watch out for the creepy performers that wander the park preying on innocent park-goers (all in good fun!).

We were also able to score a great deal that got us park admission, unlimited riding (with the exception of the 3 rides that were extra charge) and haunted house visits, and a hot dog and drink all for $20 each. Regular admission ranges from $25-33. I suggest purchasing tickets online as it is a bit cheaper.

 The Master of Ceremonies, Singe the Clowne in front of the Asylum haunted house.
As seen on

The Halloween Mood...the dining room

I must admit that I do love Halloween. The opportunity to carve pumpkins, decorate, dress up and get spooky is my idea of fun. This year I am not going to be up to much as I am on anti-biotics and potentially contagious...arg. So, I figured I would at least share some awesome Halloween ideas with you. The first being Halloween decor at home...or where ever you are celebrating.

I discovered this amazing dining room set-up on Apartment Therapy. It is from The Happy Heathen blogger, Evita. She has created an wonderfully spooky and gothic dining room meant for supping with a mad scientist. I must say that I would love to dine with her and her mad scientist on Halloween!

I recommend perusing The Happy Heathen for other interesting tips and ideas!

All photos from The Happy Heathen.

I think I need to go watch some Tim Burton movies now...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back Down South...

I have never been to the Southern USA, but this video is exactly how I would imagine life in a small Southern town...or really any small North American town. I am not a huge King's of Leon fan, but I really love this song especially the violin portion. I swore it was a cover and started singing along when I first heard it...but apparently it is not. Does it sound like another song to you? I was initially thinking it was a John Cougar Mellancamp cover.

Kings of Leon- "Back Down South"

While watching this video I was amused by how much the guys in the band have changed their look over the past few years.




Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair I Love

Hilary Duff is certainly rocking pregnancy in style. I love her messy side braid with a leather string run through it. Such a fun departure from the standard braid.

As seen on

Fashion Fab or Fail: Peachy Streaks?

Lauren Conrad, as seen on

Conrad rocking the streaks in a bun. As seen on

Ms. Conrad appears to joined in on another hair colour trend. Along similar lines of the dip-dyed look, she has added peach coloured streaks to the ends of her gorgeous blond locks. Personally, I am kind of in love with the look. It is less bold then the multi-coloured dip-dyed look and is just quite soft and pretty. But I am curious to have your opinion...

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY: Waxed Denim

If you like the waxed denim trend, but don't want to shell out for a new pair of jeans, then maybe try out this denim waxing DIY from The Coveted:

Looks pretty simple!

Fashion Fab or Fail: Waxed Jeans

As you may or may not know, my husband, Will and I run an online denim store where we sell mostly pre-loved premium denim (, thus I am always interested in new denim trends. I have heard a bit about waxed denim over the past year and am intrigued. I have yet to actually encounter a pair but feel like maybe I should check them out. I kinda like the leathery look that the wax gives the denim however, I am not sure how I would feel about the texture. Also, would the wax come off on furniture or other clothing? Have you worn waxed denim?

What do you think?