Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Film I Love: Cracks

Last night I watched the 2009 British thriller, Cracks, from director Jordan Scott, daughter of epic-film producer/director Ridley Scott. It was an interestingly twisted story that takes place in 1930's England at an all-girls boarding school. The actresses, in particular Eva Green and Juno Temple were very good, however, the setting and costume stood out for me right from the opening scene. The film takes place on Stanley Island, but was filmed in Ireland. It is beautiful and haunting and at times a combination of both.

For me, the costumes were the most enthralling aspect of the film. Eva Green elegantly models a variety of outfits that would make most fashionable women swoon. I love the detail in each outfit and the wonderful blend of masculine and feminine.

A wonderful masculine look that is so very well tailored to still remain feminine.

A gorgeous velvet hat and coat combination in a fabulous coral colour that goes beautifully with MarĂ­a Valverde's dark hair.

Green's character (and a few others) sported a number of gorgeous scarves tied around her hair. I loved the look and how the method of wearing the scarves was changed up as well. This is definitely a look I will try myself.

The red hat, dress, trench and  oxfords are a divine combination. It also make Green's character stand out in the dreary English weather and the drab crowds in the village.

Love this cardigan and the long necklaces.

This look is sophisticated and reminicent of something Wallis Simpson would have worn. Also, more fabulous long necklaces.

The colours in the jacket again make Green's character stand out in the natural scenery.

 The student character's in the film were also dressed wonderfully when outside of their school uniforms. They were colourful but typically in pretty muted tones that enhanced their youth. They also sported fantastic accessories including stylish hair scarves and adorable hats.

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