Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fashion Fab or Fail: Dip-Dyed Hair

As seen on Haircolorideas.com.
I have yet to actually see anyone sporting this trend in person, but I must admit that the look intrigues me. I have not had the desire to dye my hair "funky" colours since my disaster when I was 18 and decided to try out Sarah Michelle Gellar's streaky red and blond look. It turned out horribly and not at all how I expected it would. As you can see her streaks come from underneath, mine came right from the top roots. Not what I wanted! I rushed back to the salon that same day requesting that the stylist make it blond again. Of course, dying blonde over red is not a great idea and left me with light pinkish streaks. They were kinda cute but totally unplanned.

My 18-year-old hair ambitions.

Now I see that the dip-dyed look is becoming somewhat popular. Lauren Conrad did it and showed the results on her blog. I think it looks awesome but am not sure if I would want to rock the look personally. I do like the fact that it is just the tips of the hair so you could cut it out quite easily.

Lauren Conrad's dip-dyed hair. Read more about it here.

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Edins House said...

I think it would be fun for a night out... don't they have spray-in colour that washes out?