Thursday, May 26, 2011

Under Construction

You may have noticed that 'Stuff I Love' is looking a little different. I am working on a new layout and banner for the blog. The current banner is a test and the permanent one will be much better. I hope you like the changes that I will be making. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions!

P.S. What do you think of the new layout? I got it from Pugly Pixel.

UPDATE: Still playing with everything. Who knows, maybe it will be completely different tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yellow Accents!

Leah Dent, Pintrest:

I have this same little stool. I am now thinking about painting it a bright yellow!
jenny, Pintrest:

Lisa Greenblott, Pintrest:

Christine Martinez, Pintrest:

Christine Martinez, Pintrest:

Christine Martinez, Pintrest:

Christine Martinez, Pintrest

Christine Martinez, Pintrest:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles

Since I moved to Vancouver, I have been longing for a bicycle. It has been a long time since I have owned a bike, but I think the time has come for me to get one again. This is for a few reasons:

1. My husband, Will works in Surrey (at least 30 mins away driving) and thus, takes our car.
2. I could really use the exercise.
3. It would save me riding the bus and having to pay for the bus.
4. There are so many cute options now!
5. Will is an avid road cyclist. Riding a bike of any sort will provide me with some street cred...hopefully.

My current consideration, the Masi Soulville 7spd. Kitsilano is rather hilly, so no fixed gears for this gal!

Cream Bicycles. Another stylish option but, I don't think they are available in Vancouver. I can't even locate a site for them!
(As seen on A Cup of Jo)

A Masi bottle of wine to go with my Masi bike? I love this idea!
(As seen on A Cup of Jo)

I would need an I (bike) Kitsilano or I (bike) Vancouver tee.
(As seen on A Cup of Jo)

Another awesome t-shirt choice.
(As seen on A Cup of Jo)

I will also need an awesome basket. I am kinda digging the crate-style. I think this would be perfect for groceries, flowers, wine, or my wiener dog, Penny.
(As seen on Pintrest)

Just like these dogs here!

Fashion Fab or Fail...Women's Oxfords

All Photos from Facehunter.

So, I am torn about my feelings on oxfords, brogues...whatever you call them. I think that the shoes in picture 1 are bad-ass, picture 2 look horrible, but those in pictures 3 and 4 look adorable.* I guess it is all in how you wear them. I tried a few pairs on. Will declared that I looked like a "dirty hipster". They just didn't look right. Maybe I am too short and curvy to rock the oxfords.

*I am referring to the pictures in a clockwise manner.

What do you think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Music Selection

Since I heard Lady Gaga's new single 'Judas', I cannot get it out of my head:

Also, I seriously recommend her HBO concert at Madison Square Garden that premiered on May 7th. I caught the latter half of it and it was awesome. I really really want to see her live sometime soon!

Fashion Fab or Fail...Heels and Socks

1. Prada Fall RTW 2011. Boots made to look like heels and socks.
2. Dolce and Gabbana RTW 2011.
3. Alexander McQueen RTW 2011.
(All photos from

The heels with socks trend showed up in 2010 and has stuck through 2011 in some designers shows. Personally, I really don't get it. What do you think? Feel free to comment!

Heels with Socks

Sleek, Pale, French Skin

(All photo from The Cherry Blossom Girl)

Why is it that all French girls seem to have the most beautiful skin. Their skin is pale, but creamy, soft-looking and unblemished. My skin is pale too and while I try to embrace it, I can't help feeling self conscious of my pinkish spots and easily bruised areas (I am super clumsy this does not help!). What is their secret??

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Fab or Fail...

(Both Photos found on The Style Scout)

I have come across these tights a couple times now and I am not sure how I feel about them. Are they too saucy? Honestly, I am not a big fan of either outfit, but would maybe prefer them paired with something would you wear them? Would you wear them?

Share your opinion:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreaming of Summer...

It is almost halfway through May and we still have barely experienced a legitimately summer-like or even really glorious spring day on the west least not in Vancouver or Victoria. I really don't mind rain, but I think it is time for it to go on hiatus and let the sun come out for a while. Here is some of my summery inspiration:

Start with a beautiful garden party setting with a lovely city view
(Photo found on Ciao Bella)

Try a fabulous accessory...

Peony Lim sporting a gorgeous Manolo Blahnik scarf in her hair. I think this will be a style-must for me. I have a great, colourful Coach scarf that would be perfect.
(Photo from Miss Lim's blog)

Or a pretty floral dress...

Miss Pandora looking so well put together as usual. I absolutely love her nude Miu Miu heels and retro look!
(Photo found on Pandora)

and some brightly coloured nails.

I just picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish in Lightening (very similar to the colour seen above). It is pretty bold but fun.
(Photo found on Love Maegan)