Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Music Selections

Here are a few tracks that are currently making me groove:

Theophilus London- this is guy is the epitome of cool. He is truly a 'hip-hop hipster'. His musical style, as well as his personal style reflect this. Check him out.

Massive Balloon feat. Theophilus London- Massive Balloon is an artist/producer and is part of the band TV on the Radio. His debut album is pretty interesting and has some great cameos from other artists. This, however, is my favorite...especially since it features the extremely talented Theophilus London.

The Naked and Famous- hailing from New Zealand. I am currently addicted to their track "Young Blood".

Passion Pit- After hearing The Naked and Famous's "Young Blood", I thought... "hmm, this sounds like something I have heard before". Turns out it was Passion Pit. Different band, similar sound, different gender singer. Awesome sound. This song "The Reeling" just makes me want to dance.

Foster the People- their track "Pumped Up Kicks" is a perfect song to kick off this summer.

Fitz and the Tantrums- the track "Moneygrabber" makes me want to dress like a chic 60's chick and fly to London. The video just further emphasizes this urge. Another fantastic dance track!

Adele- I must admit, I have not listened to the whole album '21' yet, but I promise I will. So far though, a stand out for me is her gorgeous cover of The Cure's "Lovesong". There is no official video for this track but here is a live version.

Awolnation- their track "Sail" reminds me of an agro-awesome version of an Enya track. However, I think my favorite track from their album is "Burn it Down". It also has a ridiculously rad video.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Look I Love: Menswear

(As seen on My Cup of Coffee)

(As seen on Lookbook)

(As seen on Lookbook)

Rooms that make me smile...

The note above the bed is adorable.
(As seen on Design Sponge)

The coral and light blue are a fresh and pretty colour combination. The orange IZZE bottles add another great combination of colour as well as a fun element to the room.
(As seen on Decor8)

This is a very classy man-home. The log cushion and arty rock posters are creative and add interest to the room.
(As seen on Apartment Therapy)

Rooms that make my heart flutter...

This exotic space creates a magical at-home oasis.
(As seen on Absolutely Beautiful Things)

This kitchen looks so cozy and French. The chandelier adds a wonderful bit of sparkle.
(As seen on Coco & Kelly)

The bold colours in the sofa cushions absolutely make this room.
(As seen on Coco & Kelly)

I would love to put this wallpaper in my home.
(As seen on Design Sponge)

It doesn't get much better then a gorgeous spiral staircase.
(As seen on Apartment Therapy)

Dwell Studio Bedding

I have been in the market for a new duvet cover for a little while and came across Dwell Studio's awesome contemporary collection of covers (whoo alliteration!). I love most of them and I am not sure which is my favorite!

Prices range from $150.00 to $320.00. See more at Dwell Studio.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sophie Dahl Cooks...

I have not yet seen Sophie Dahl's new cooking show, Delicious Miss Dahl however, I love the name and the ads make it look fabulous. I have perused some of her episode descriptions and her recipes sound decadent and comforting. She also incorporates feelings and emotions such as nostalgia, selfish and melancholy into the theme for each episode.

Check it out on Food Network Canada on Sunday's at 6pm (Eastern Time).