Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pretty Girly Home

This home was recently featured on Design Sponge. There are many elements in this space that appeal to my girly side. I am a huge fan of colour coordinating book shelves. I even tried doing this with my own book shelf. It looked cool for a bit but I think that I did not have enough colours to work with and it was hard to keep up. Maybe I will try again next time we move. Another thing that I would like to try is creating an awesome wall of pictures and photos as seen in this home. I am also smitten with the gorgeous floral fabric that homeowner, Fiona Douglas has carried through the house in pillows, tapestries, framed pictures and lampshades. One other really creative thing that she has done is artfully display a number of different tiles in her bathroom acting as a sort of unattached backsplash. This look is different, pretty and non-committal. I love it!

Pictures as seen on Design Sponge.

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