Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Dorm Room!

It is hard to believe that this is a lowly dorm room. It belonged to Maximilian Sinsteden at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. This room is a wonderful blend of preppy, cozy, arty and a little bit of pretension...not a bad thing in this case. My favorite elements in this space are:
-the well stocked bar in the corner
-the wall of art work
-the wall of ties...I think this is my favorite. What a great way to display accessories!

I recommend reading the original New York Magazine article about this interesting and creative young man here.

As seen on Sunshine on a Cloudy Day via A Cup of Jo.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love just prove that any room can be a cool room.....I love the ties too...tks for posting...Bruno***