Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas: Different Tree Ideas

I am sure that most of you have your Christmas tree up by now (if not, what are you waiting for!!??!?). However, I figured I would profile some not-so-typical trees since I am feeling festive and excited for Christmas (just 2 days!!).

The retro look is fantastic and the little animal scene at the bottom is adorable.
As seen on Coco and Kelley.

A more 'green' approach.
As seen on The Haystack Needle.

A regal looking tree made entirely of poinsettias.
As seen on SOS: Suzanne on Style.

One of my most favorite trees so far, a Mexican-Inspired Tree from SOS blogger Suzanne Marques.
As seen on SOS: Suzanne on Style

This is my friend Bruno's 'dead-branch tree'. He and his partner Bruce adorned the tree entirely with home-made ornaments made from paper maché, yarn, and some of the stars are made from toast! I love this whole concept and think it is a great option for a small space.
Photos courtesy of Bruno.

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