Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Holiday Ornament Wreath

This year, I decided that I would make my very own wreath. I had seen some glamorous silver ball wreaths in home decor magazines and decided that I would make one myself. Being unsure as to how exactly it should be done, I turned to Apartment Therapy for inspiration. This lead me to a how-to for making CB2's "In the Loop" ornament wreath. While mine does not really resemble the CB2 wreath (which I do think is very mod and rad), I did essentially use their techniques with minor changes. See below for supply list and assembly instructions.

My Wreath:

CB2 Wreath:

CB2 "In the Loop" Wreath Supplies:

1. Strong stiff wire that can be bent into a ring. We used aluminum wire gauge 20, about 55” long—due to the scale of the products in the shot, our wreath was rather large, about 28” in diameter. A wire hanger is also a simple way to go. I initially tried using 20 gauge aluminum floral wire which left me with a droopy wreath. I restrung it all on two lengths of 15 gauge wire that I found at Canadian Tire. This worked much better. As for size, I used two pieces of wire approximately 48" long creating a diameter of 22". (My apologies for the approximations, I failed to measure the wire before stringing the ornaments).

2. Ornaments. We used a total of 81 ornaments. For a smaller version, we’re guessing you could make a 14” wreath with about a third of the ornaments depending on how full you wanted it. I used shatterproof (i.e. plastic) ornaments from Superstore. They came in a container of 100 for $19.99. I used a combination of approximately 75 smaller and larger balls.

3. Strong tape to fasten the ends of the wire ring together or, pliers to twist the ends of the wire ring together. I opted to twist the ends together with pliers. This makes for a very secure closure.

4. Ribbon to hang the wreath. I used a 3" wide wire edged ribbon from Michaels.

Tip: best not to go too large in diameter as the wreath could become too heavy and stretch out. If feeling ambitious, make sure to use strong wire!

CB2 "In the Loop" Wreath Instructions:
1. String one ornament at a time onto the wire ring, alternating colors, using smaller ones to fill in the gaps. I did not follow a strict pattern given the colour palette, but did typically alternate between small and large balls attempting to spread the colours evenly and keeping mindful of the placement of the glittered balls as I had fewest of those.

2. When the ring is completely covered in ornaments, fasten the ends together. This is where I opted to twist the ends together rather than tape them. I would suggest leaving at least 3" of wire on either side to ensure that you can easily wrap it. There was about a 2" gap left at the top once fastened.

3. Use a ribbon to cover the spot where the ends are fastened together, and hang! I wrapped the ribbon around the gap 4 times to make sure it was well covered and then tied a large bow with hanging ends. I used a $2.99 simple silver door wreath hanger from Home Depot.

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