Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Stuff I Love: Cards!

I love Christmas and this year I am feeling particularly festive. So, bear with me with me as I will post some of my favorite Christmas accessories and creations. Today, I start off with Christmas cards. Here is a selection of some of the most fun and interesting cards that I have come across. As you may have guessed, I have a penchant for mod-style cards and silly animals.

1. NYC Christmas Shopping, Kate's Paperie.
2. Shag Designed Christmas Cards (currently unavailable).
3. Moma Holiday Cards, Festive Holiday, Kate's Paperie.
4. Shag Designed Christmas Cards (currently unavailable).

5. Moist Holiday Cards by Naughty Betty, Heliotrope.
6. Moma Holiday Cards, Pop-Out Patterned Trees, Kate's Paperie.
7. Shoot Your Eye Out, Jack Cards.
8. Bicycle A6 Holiday Cards, Paper Source.
9. Robot Holiday Cards, Rock Scissor Paper.
10. Christmas, Presentation Magazine, Online Christmas Card Maker.
11. Feliz Navidad Flat Notes, Hammerpress.
12. Holiday Santa, Jack Cards.

13. Not a Creature was Stirring, Kate's Paperie.
14. Reinpet Holiday Photo Cards, Minted.
15. Twinkle Deer Holiday Cards, Rock Scissor Paper.
16. Dachshund Christmas Cards.
17. Holly Jolly, Jack Cards.
18. Cool for Cats Christmas Note Cards, Notorious Kitsch.
19. Merry Menagerie Holiday Cards, Rock Scissor Paper.
20. Dachshund, Kate's Paperie.

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