Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Toothbrush Holder Dilemma

Since we moved into our condo last year I have had an ongoing battle with toothbrush holders. This sounds very silly but, it is something that drives me crazy on a daily basis. Our original holder was a cup-style white porcelain with chrome bottom. Since our counter seems to be wet all the time, the chrome inevitably got wet, rusted and left an ugly stain on our marble counter top. So, I threw this holder out and replaced it with a more stone based holder with no metal! However, this proved to be a stupid holder too! This one had a flat bottom, column and then flat rounded top with holes for the toothbrushes. Alas, the holder got wet and the column separated from the bottom. I tried super-gluing it which worked for about a month. Then, as before, it fell apart. What the hell am are we going to use now??!?!! Any suggestions?

I like this 18kt gold plated set but each holder is $70.00!

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