Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog I Love: Hyperbole and a Half

Last week I was watching television in bed while Will sat next to me giggling at something on the laptop. Wonder what would cause my husband to be in such a fit of girlish giggles, I asked "what are you looking at?". He told me it was some girl's blog where she writes stories from her life. He continued to read and giggle and finally said that I "really needed to read it". I did and it is hilarious! I love her story-telling style and the simplistic but ever so amusing and effective drawings that accompany each story.

Check out Hyperbole and a Half!

Some of my favorites are:

The Party (the source of the gigglefest)
How a Fish Almost Destroyed my Childhood

I am still reading through so I am sure I will find more favorites.

You can also check our her Facebook fanpage with real pictures here.

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Liz said...

I love it too! My favourite of the old stuff is Spaghatta Nadle... sooo funny!