Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Own DIY Necklace Rack

My necklaces are always a tangled mess and deserve a better method of storage. This weekend I decided to build my own necklace rack.

The materials used are:

-pretty cabinet knobs with matching screws (choose any that tickle your fancy just make sure that they are the type shown below)

-piece of wood (I used the top piece from the back of an old chair)

-black spray paint (I used black because I already had it and it goes well with my bedroom decor but you can use any colour you like or none at all if you prefer the look of the wood unpainted)

-8" section of Chain and 2 1" screws (I used an old bracelet)

I picked up the cabinet knobs and the wooden chair piece at General Salvage in the Basement of the Jacklin Road Trading Post. This is an amazing source for rare and hard to find old furniture and building materials. They have drawers and cabinets full of old cabinet knobs for very reasonable prices. The knobs and wood cost me a total of $14.50 with tax. I did splurge and buy a beautiful glass knob for $6.95 to be my centerpiece while the others cost a mere $1 to $2 each. The black spray paint I already had but would typically cost about $6-$10 for a can.

Here is the process that I used:

-Dusted off the wood piece and broke off the dowels that were sticking out from each side. I probably should have sanded the sides better but I failed to have sandpaper on hand.

-Sprayed the wood piece on one side, let it dry and then sprayed the other side and let sit until dry.

-Marked the locations of the knobs on the wood and then had my husband give me a lesson on how to use his DeWalt drill. I then drilled the holes for the screws to go through. The holes must go all the way through to the other side.

-Slide the screws through the back side of the wood and then attached the knobs on the front.

-Marked the two locations for the chain to be attached at the top of the wood and drilled the two screws (with chain attached) into place.

Here is the result:


Lindsay N said...

That is fab, Jill!

Jill said...

Thanks Linds!