Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuff I don't love...Bitchin' Kitchen

I admit I really enjoy a good cooking show. I am a fan of Michael Smith, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Laura Calder and Lynn Crawford to name a few. However, one 'chef' that I cannot stand is Nadia G, host of 'Bitchin' Kitchen'. I find her absolutely ridiculous. She appears to be entirely manufactured from her "punk-rock" style to her New York Italian accent (she is from Montreal!). I admit I have not watched much 'Bitchin' Kitchen' as it irritates me but I just don't get it. I cannot focus on what she is making as I am just so distracted by the silliness of this show. I am sorry but if the food network needed an edgy chef...get Anthony Bourdain. That guy has more attitude in his pinky and he is a lot more interesting and relevant.

So, I ask the question...who is watching this??!??!


Lindsay N said...

I came across this show one late evening and felt 'strange' watching it. I didn't know if it was supposed to be comedic and satirical or what.
I think the general idea of having someone who would appeal to a younger audience is a good idea, but not in such a contrived presentation.

Anonymous said...

‘Bitchin’ Kitchen’ is fantastic. It's not for the "serious" chef, and it's not intended to be.
Have some fun!

Ryver said...

I agree with Anonymous person. I LOVE her and the cast. Way too much fun and it really does inspire me to get in the kitchen.I'm also NOT the young audience, lol. I'm just a cook and I love the ideas I've gotten from this crazy show. It ROCKS! I even bought the book, sticker & spatula :)