Friday, July 16, 2010

Karim Rashid's Wildly Colourful Modern Condo

Apartment Therapy posted an article from Interior Design Magazine about home accessory designer Karim Rashid's New York condo that he shares with his wife. I think that this would have been my dream condo when I was a teenager or maybe even a place that I would love to have if I was in a position to have multiple homes. Although, I don't know if this design really says 'home' to me.

The whole place is so fun and colourful (obviously). Rashid decorated the home with mostly his own creations which as Interior Design writer, Craig Kellog stated, "If you stop to think about it, he and his wife practically live in a Karim Rashid museum." I am not sure if this is self indulgent or a stroke of genius as Apartment Therapy noted that "he likes living with his product designs because it teaches him about how they function in the real world and what can be improved."

Fun Fact: Rashid was born in Cairo but raised in Canada. He completed his BA in Industrial Design at Carleton University.

View full article on Interior Design here.

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Mary Joyce Lising said...

This is great and I love the colors and design so much very beautiful.

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