Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Home...New Hobby

So, Will and I purchased a condo on Bear Mountain this Spring. We moved in to our new place in June and are now working on making it our own. Given that we are now paying a mortgage, I am fairly poor. However, I have been finding new and interesting ways to decorate our new home through 'thrifting'. I have spent the last few Saturdays driving around with Penny to numerous garage sales and thrift stores. I must say that the majority of the garage sales are pretty disappointing but I have found a few gems including an large IKEA bookshelf for our office, and a hamburger phone (no clue what I will do with that but I had to buy was a hamburger phone for $4!!!). I am becoming a frequent visitor to Salvation Armys and other thrift stores across Victoria. I love takes some digging (through a lot of crap) but every so often, you find a gem.

Do you have any thrifting stories, suggestions or recommendations?

P.S. I will post pic of my garage sale and thrift store finds later this week! I will also include some photos of the new condo :)


Saira Waters said...

If you ever need a partner in crime, I'm in!!

There's a thrift store in James Bay (United Church?) on Michigan and it has some neat old-lady type things. It's only open Fridays from 10-2... but it's decent if you can get there!

Will & Jill said...

Awesome. Maybe I will head there on my lunch one Friday.

But definitely we should go thrifting together! I usually have Saturday's to myself cuz Will is working.