Friday, July 17, 2009

Music Obsession: Coconut Records

So, I am sure that every indie hipster out there is probably singing the praises of one of my favorite character actors, Jason Schwarzman's music project (is it a 'band'??) Coconut Records. Now often actors doing music can be a bad thing...or a really really painfully bad thing in Lindsay Lohan's case! Typically the music that actor's produce is just so-so and more of a self-gratifying effort that is not appreciated by the masses (see Scarlett Johansson's album). However, I must say that I LOVE what I have heard from Coconut Records. I think the name of the band(?) is kind of retro and adorable. The music is great for anytime and the videos evoke a relaxed unselfconscious yet hip vibe.

Check them out: (MySpace Site) (Official Site) (YouTube Page)

P.S I want that bag!

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