Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All About Steve = crap

So, tonight Will and I attempted to watch the new Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper movie All About Steve. Now, I say attempted because about an hour into the movie Will had picked up the laptop and stopped paying attention while I lost all hope that the movie might get better. Rather then All About Steve this movie should have been called "All about Sandra Bullock playing a truly unlikable character stalking a man ten years too young for her". There were no real redeeming qualities to this film. Yes, I did chuckle when the large black "woman" attempted to give an interview about her former penis but that was about it. I pretty much hated every scene in which Sandra Bullock's character was present. Yes, I understand that she is supposed to be socially awkward and dresses oh-so-silly in her red boots but really...are we supposed to believe that this guy might change his mind about her?? She continuously chases him across the country after meeting him once and attempting to hump him in his truck two minutes later. This movie was beyond disappointment.

The consensus on describes this film best: "All About Steve is an oddly creepy, sour film, featuring a heroine so desperate and peculiar that audiences may be more likely to pity than root for her."

I seriously wish I could have my $5.99 rental fee back.

Bottom line...don't waste your money on this rental. I wouldn't even suggest watching it on tv for free.

Film Reviews

So, something that most people who know me personally can likely tell you is that I am a huge fan of films. I can usually find movies that I love in all genres. So, I figured that occasionally I can supply a movie review or two (or three...etc). So lets get the ball rolling:

The Young Victoria

This is definitely a girly film but it is by no means cheesy. Ever since I was a child I have had a fascination with the British royals. I never really dreamed of being a princess (as I have always been a realist to a fault) but instead was simply fascinated by the idea of a country having a real life modern-day monarchy. The Young Victoria not only furthered my interest and intrigue with the royals but also painted a picture of two fairly believable people who simply happened to be (or become) royals.

Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend plays the roles of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both beautifully and sincerely. One of the most interesting things about this union was the fact that they truly shared a strong romantic love for each other despite the convenience of their marriage. This makes the film all the more endearing. Paul Bettany is also wonderful as Lord Melbourne and Jim Broadbent amuses with his endearing characterization of the aging King William.

The flowing gowns are gorgeous but what really caught my eye was the men's attire. I love the long leggy look of the 19th century dandy. These men had style from their cigarette style pants to their perfectly knotted scarves. They also had fantastic hair. The film is worth checking out just for the costumes alone.

I would suggest seeing this film in theater to fully enjoy the amazing outdoor and indoor settings as well as the fabulous costumes.

Visit the official site for The Young Victoria.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maybe I am immature...

but I am not sure how I feel about using a butt as a drawer. Somehow it just feels a bit wrong. Although I would like to have one in my house just so that when I have company I could casually store or remove things from the 'butt-drawer' and see their reaction. Yes, maybe I am immature.

See link for more body sculpture storage.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pops of Colour- Blue

This Rhode Island store's living room set-up is a beautiful example of incorporating a pop of colour in a mostly neutral room. I absolutely love this shade of blue and am now considering it for my living room (once we get slip covers on our couches since our wiener dog kindly drew on both of them with a black permanent marker). Not sure how I feel about the tiger print carpet in this room though...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beating the Heat

Just had to share this link of Life Magazine's Animals Keeping Cool.

Beautiful Interior in Sydney

This home encompasses the style that I want in my own day. The colours and design are so gender neutral making this a great home for a man or woman...or both in Will and I's case! I especially love the retro-inspired carpet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vegas Baby!

On Thursday I will leave for my first trip to Las Vegas. I am going with my mom (who has been many times) and my brother (who is also a Vegas-virgin). We are staying at the Venetian which I have been told is beautiful so I am pretty pumped about that!

So, I am wondering, to those of you have been to Vegas before, what are your must-see, must-do recommendations? I am sure that my mom will have a slew of ideas since she goes there annually but I would love hear your suggestions too!

P.S. I think the orange showgirl may be a tranny. Take a closer look!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I think Penny needs one of these...



I was cruising Apartment Therapy today and saw this great dog bed. The best thing about it was that the woman who owns it turned a somewhat boring piece into a creative and original 'dog throne'...for relatively cheap!

View the link and more pics:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Home...New Hobby

So, Will and I purchased a condo on Bear Mountain this Spring. We moved in to our new place in June and are now working on making it our own. Given that we are now paying a mortgage, I am fairly poor. However, I have been finding new and interesting ways to decorate our new home through 'thrifting'. I have spent the last few Saturdays driving around with Penny to numerous garage sales and thrift stores. I must say that the majority of the garage sales are pretty disappointing but I have found a few gems including an large IKEA bookshelf for our office, and a hamburger phone (no clue what I will do with that but I had to buy was a hamburger phone for $4!!!). I am becoming a frequent visitor to Salvation Armys and other thrift stores across Victoria. I love takes some digging (through a lot of crap) but every so often, you find a gem.

Do you have any thrifting stories, suggestions or recommendations?

P.S. I will post pic of my garage sale and thrift store finds later this week! I will also include some photos of the new condo :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Music Obsession: Coconut Records

So, I am sure that every indie hipster out there is probably singing the praises of one of my favorite character actors, Jason Schwarzman's music project (is it a 'band'??) Coconut Records. Now often actors doing music can be a bad thing...or a really really painfully bad thing in Lindsay Lohan's case! Typically the music that actor's produce is just so-so and more of a self-gratifying effort that is not appreciated by the masses (see Scarlett Johansson's album). However, I must say that I LOVE what I have heard from Coconut Records. I think the name of the band(?) is kind of retro and adorable. The music is great for anytime and the videos evoke a relaxed unselfconscious yet hip vibe.

Check them out: (MySpace Site) (Official Site) (YouTube Page)

P.S I want that bag!

Return to blogging... anyone who may read this. I have been gone for quite a while but finally felt that I had the time and urge to start blogging again. Since I last posted, we have bought and moved into a new condo, got engaged, Will got a new job and he is working on a new company. Will is also writing a new blog entitled New Entrepreneur's Journal. So, I will be discussing some wedding stuff, posting pictures from our new condo etc and many other things!

Check out Will's blog at:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A few Accessory Picks from British Vogue- Spring 2009

Theo Fennell

Paul Smith

Katherine Wardropper

French Connection


These are just a few of my favorite Spring 2009 accessories from British Vogue online. I am especially loving Longchamp's 'IT bag'! ~Jill


Will and I saw the new film "Milk" this weekend. I must say that I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys movies, is interested in the gay rights cause or appreciates fabulous acting (all three apply to me). I was so impressed by all of the actors in the film and am blown away by how diverse and talented Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna, James Franco and Josh Brolin are (Oscars?? I hope so!). The rest of the cast are also great.

I found the Californian gay communities fight against Proposition 6 (as featured in "Milk") so similar to the recent fight against Proposition 8. Now I do not intend this blog to be political but I must say that I am horrified by the fact that gay citizens in the US are treated with such prejudice in this day and age. So, see the film and hope that one day America will respect and not fear it's gay citizens. ~Jill