Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Lamborghini for the whole family! And it's Green!

From The Huffington Post, via Wired:

Lamborghini Hybrid? The Estoque could be one!

Wired reports that Lamborghini's new 4-seater, the "Estoque," could, in a first for the legendary company, actually be a hybrid:

That's right, a hybrid. The company that last spring said it couldn't possibly meet Europe's tightening emissions rules may jump on the gas-electric bandwagon with a car it's been saying "is not just a new Lamborghini. It's a whole new world." Sant'Agata insists the car is just a concept at this point -- though everything it says suggests the car will be built -- but makes it clear it takes the company in a new direction.

"It is a concept that provides a clear indication of the future," the company says. "This applies to the new, elegant self-confidence of the lines themselves, but even more to the concept of the vehicle."

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