Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Classy Jewels and Pretty Clothes

I want the Silent and Soft Sweatercoat (although I am probably too short for it ;)
Chabaa Travel Bag

Alloy Strapless Dress

Floe and Current Coat

Ha-ha-ha Ring (I may just like the ring because of it's fantastic name!)

Winter's Fable Cuff (so romantic!)
Dramatic Monogram Cuff (I really want one with a "J"!)

Respite Necklace (I am going to try making something like this)

I am loving some of the items on the Anthropologie site. Above are just a few of my favorites! ~Jill


Emma said...

Those are cute clothes, and other stuff!!!!! were did u find that?


Will & Jill said...

I found all of it on the Anthropologie website: